Assem Louis Fernandes – Business owner & mum

Tell us in your own words, “Who is Assem Louis Fernandes”?
Assy for friends. I am a mother that has recently opened a baby & mama store in Lugano, in partnership with another super mom. We called it Peers after our little boys.

How do you love to spend your spare time?
Since I became a mother, spare time is a sacred moment that I dedicate all to myself. It’s the time when I can pursue my passions, dedicate some time to some beauty routines or just hang out with my girlfriends.

Do you have an everyday uniform? If so, please share your favorite look with us.
Yes, I have an everyday uniform. Mainly, it consists of a pair of blue jeans, a comfortable t-shirt or a shirt and, when the weather finally allows it, I adore wearing blazers. However, I should say that lately, I am trying to get out of my comfort zone of wearing a “uniform” by investing more in unique pieces with more feminine allure. Indeed, my Le Rú blazer is pink and I adore it because it’s different and makes me feel special and refined.

As an independent woman, what women inspire you most?
My source of inspiration has been definitely my mother. I think I have inherited from her a huge passion for style and aesthetics. She owns a womenswear boutique and I had the chance to follow her in her job and to learn a lot from her about fashion. For sure, she is my source of inspiration. To me, she is a great example of an independent and strong woman with great entrepreneurial skills.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself, your background and the path you’ve taken to arrive at this precise moment.
I graduated in business administration with a Master in Fashion Marketing at London College of Fashion. For years I worked in the family business, helping my mother with the boutique, from backoffice to buying. This experience led me to the dream of having my own store, where I could express my creativity and my personal taste throughout my very own selection. And after having my son I got the passion for kidswear and accessories and I decided to open the store for little babies and their mommies as well.

What advice would you give to your 20-year-old self, if you met her today?
To my 20-year-old self, I would recommend to enjoy to the fullest the freedom that is given at that young age. Most of all, I would recommend to travel and explore the world, everything else will come in time; there’s no rush to grow.

How do you balance being a woman with your work?
It’s not easy to balance things, especially for a woman. You have to face being a wife, a mother and a worker. For sure finding an equilibrium between all these aspects of my life helps me to pursue that inner peace. I’m trying to find some time just for myself doing things that make me happy and reboost my energy, such as yoga and recently I have discovered Access Bars. I love it.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or unfocused, what do you do?
When I feel overwhelmed I breathe, sometimes crying also helps.

What is one of the most worthwhile investments you’ve ever made?
The most worthwhile investments that I ever made are books for sure. Reading definitely is the best investment one could make, it opens your mind and makes you travel and live others’ lives just sitting on your couch.

What features do you value most in a garment?
The most valuable features in a garment to me are definitely the fabric quality, the sewing details and shape proportions.

Please tell us something unusual about you.
…something unusual about me, that’s a funny question. Let’s say I am  completely a messy person. I constantly fight with my closet when I can’t find things I’m looking for. I’m trying to fix this problem by getting in contact with an expert that can help me to organize spaces of my house. No joke!

What is your favorite travel destination or secret escape?
My favorite travel destination lately has been Mexico. We found a secret escape there, right in front of the ocean with a virgin beach, called Hotel Escondido, in Oaxaca state, a little boutique hotel that truly honors its name. If you follow the endless coastline after five minutes you’ll see the spectacular Casa Wabi Foundation, a must-visit, if you are interested in architecture. This is actually the reason why we ended up there. Casa Wabi was designed by the renowned architect Tadao Ando, a space where the residents and the communities of the region come together to create art together.