Are shipping and exchanges free of charge?

Yes, shipping is free of charge and, when you receive your jacket, if you decide to change the size or color, this is also free of charge. Note: We charge €25 for returns, learn more.  

Can I buy le Rú collection in physical stores?

No, we sell online only. This allows us to offer the best quality at an attractive price. The plethora of intermediates involved in the process of selling in a traditional boutique would double the price of our collection. Keeping the process lean allows us to significantly decrease the price, while still offering a luxury product. We know this might cause doubts, especially regarding the wearability and sizing of a design. However, we are always happy to advise on the best style and size. You can write to us at lerubasics.com or you can reach us through our chat here on the website.

How do I care for my le Rú’s coat?

The majority of our collection is dry clean only to preserve the shape and texture of natural fabrics. Please follow the care instructions stitched in your jacket or write us at hello@lerubasics.com for more information.  

I’m a boutique owner, how do I sell le Rú’s coats and blazers in my boutique?

We are a business-to-consumer company. However, in case you'd like to collaborate, contact us at hello@lerubasics.com for more information.

I’ve lost a button on my le Rú garment, can I get a new one?

Yes, write to us at hello@lerubasics.com.

Is le Rú made exclusively in Italy?

Yes, our product is 100% manufactured in Italy from start to finish, using the finest natural components, such as Italian virgin wool, cashmere and real horn buttons.

Is le Rú sustainable?

We must say fashion is by definition not sustainable. However, we try to promote a slow fashion approach to avoid over consumption and the use of plastic origin fabrics (and poisonous materials) like polyester.

What is “surplus fabric”?

From time to time, le Rú purchases  Italian "dead stock" of noble fiber to create "Limited Edition" coats and blazers. This not only benefits the environment, it also benefits le Rú customers, as these designs are sold at a lower price.

Where are your fabrics sourced from?

All le Rú's fabrics are Italian, sourced from the best mills and factories. Our product design starts from fabrics, which we carefully choose from trusted partners. Finally, we select cuts to enhance the material.

Where is the company based?

The company is based in Lugano, Switzerland, near Milano. This is the ideal location, as we are both Italian and Swiss.

Who is the founder of the company?

le Rú was founded by two Swiss Italian sisters, who love the elegance of the past and are passionate about quality.

Why do you not offer promotions or special prices?

We avoid marketing strategies intended to cause impulse purchases because we believe in a conscious way of shopping: buy less and better to safeguard the environment and people working in the fashion industry. This has a cost, which we honestly define to our customers. We offer luxury products at a reasonable price, when compared to other luxury brands, and this is possible because we only sell directly to you, no middleman involved.

Why do you produce in Italy?

Because we are Italian and, for us, Italy represents a melting pot of quality, beauty and creativity. We don't just sell quality. We wish to introduce our customers to a casual-chic lifestyle, which is intrinsic to Italy and our way of life.