Quality made in Italy

le Rú offers to women versatile evergreens to match easily and that they will wear for years to come. To do so they reinvent the classics in a modern and minimalist shape. Their garments are characterized by their finest natural fibers and by the best finishing touches.

le Rú garments are entirely made in Italy to assure quality and attention to details.  We work to offer to Le Rú women the uniqueness of the quality made in Italy. This high quality standard is possible thanks to the expertise of the Italian manufacturing, companies and producers, result of decades of specialization in a specific field of the fashion value chain. Artisans who select the best natural yarns and produce high fabrics to guarantee their soft touch and durability; pattern makers who focus on the lines in order to assure the best wearability and silhouette; people who carefully cut and sew the item to guarantee the finishes and turn sketches into clothing; people specialized in producing luxury buttons and components. All them are responsible of the high quality of Le Rú garments. 100% made in Italy and finest natural fibers.